A miracle occurs.

How many of you need a miracle in your current life? I sure do! This is why I get extra excited when I get to be a witness to one of God’s amazing miracles…this is why I want to share this true story with you, so you will have a speckle of hope light up in your heart, because Faith is what moves the miracle closer to you … nothing is impossible if we believe!

I have a friend who I watched lose two babies in the last two years…it was devastating and traumatic experience for her and for me, as I got to carry and deliver a healthy baby girl while she was going though all this. I felt guilty, I really wanted her to experience the joy I was experiencing…but time after time she was loosing her pregnancies and falling in despair. On top of it all she got diagnosed with a condition that did not give good prognosis for future pregnancies. All this happened because after her first delivery a doctor made a mistake … can you imagine? How unfair! Through this all, as time went on, she picked her broken self up and decided to try to reserve to medicine to fix her problems and try again. I was so happy to hear these news, because at our last conversation she did not even want to try again because of the pain she experienced loosing her pregnancy…

So happened that we got to spend some time together last month and one of the evenings we decided to pray for her future pregnancy and baby. As we invited God into the room, I felt His presence immediately. I lead her in prayer to forgive the doctor that caused her condition, she forgave him and released him. We continued to pray together and I began to just bless her… as I prayed I began to see liquid thick drops of Gold, just pouring over her belly. It looked like honey dripping down. It was unbelievable! For a moment I froze and was just watching this scene, I knew God was at work, but I did know know what He was doing. We finished the prayer and I told my friend about my experience. She said she felt some movement in her belly as this was happening, as if a ball was rolling around.

After this prayer both of us went on to live our lives, she had fertility doctors appointment coming up in few weeks and I was busy with my own things… we did not talk about this experience again until one morning a few days go when she gave me a call. She was calling to let me know that she never made it to her fertility specialist appointment, because just a few short weeks after the prayer… SHE WAS PREGNANT!

The joy I felt is absolutely out of this word. It worked! Our prayer worked, God granted her the desire of her heart! A baby is on the way, a miracle, a blessed child! I am still rejoicing! God made a way where there seemed to be no way. He worked in the ways that we cannot see nor describe. It was so effortless and natural to receive this answer and for my friend this baby means the world…so I ask everyone who is reading this to join in prayer for this miracle baby. The due date is October 2019 and as soon as child is born I will post on here to let all of you guys know! Please, join us in prayer for this blessed baby!

I also want to encourage all of you to bring forth your needs and desires to God, he is able to answer your prayers and grant you your miracles! I have seen Him do it over and over again and this is a reason why I write – I want to share about these experiences that He lets me be a part of.

Today, if you need a miracle please just reach your hand towards the Heavens, as the Gold of blessing is still pouring… what miracle are you praying for? I would love to pray with you! Please email me darialitvinov@hotmail.com and I promise to pray with you until we see the answer! God will make a way for you too!

Be blessed!

Published by DL

Believer in Jesus. I live in Seattle. Happily Married and enjoying Motherhood. People find me very open and easy to talk to and this page is a place for me to share my life with you. I believe that when we share our lives we are able to learn and support one another. I named this blog "speckle of faith" because most of the times it takes one small speckle to turn things around. I will be posting about my speckles (life revelations) and daily miracles that are present in my life. Thank you for joining me!

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