A Shower of Concrete.

Definition of Concrete: a heavy, rough building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water, that can be spread or poured into molds and that forms a mass resembling stone on hardening.

I had an interesting thought the other day. As I drove by the construction site I saw a guy pour out concrete as if he was a firefighter putting out a fire. What an odd scene I thought, what if this concrete splashes around and leaves its marks in unnecessary places? You have to be careful with concrete, you need to mold it into the right shape and place, as it dries fairly quickly. I then made a parallel with life – how often are we hit by fast drying streams of concrete that stick to us and wont leave unless we take measures. As it hardens it becomes like stones that we carry in our hearts and minds. They are heavy, they are bothersome and they are not in their right place. The things I talk about are the unnecessary burdens we all carry from day to day. What are they?

Anger, bitterness, regret, worry, people pleasing, grief, jealousy, negative outlook on life, gossip, hopelessness, hate, self-imposed overwork, “sins” of the past, fear of the future, prejudice, insecurities, fears, fear of missing out, fear of not measuring up, feeling that something or someone is stalling your life, unnecessary commitments and responsibilities, comparison, negative body image, and many more!

All these things are like specks of concrete that once hit you and dried up, making your walk heavy and uncomfortable. Life is not meant to be lived in this way and there are ways to get rid of these things through self – examining, recognition and unburdening (cleansing). In the last three years I have been in a constant state of unburdening myself and with many victories behind me, I feel compelled to share what has helped me. I have learned the art of placing these burdens where they belong – under my feet as a foundation towards a stronger future. See, concrete is not that bad when it is carefully molded and put in its right place. That is when it provides strong foundation to the buildings and serves it’s God-given purpose. Don’t let the things that are burdening you rule your life, place them under your feet and walk on them as an overcomer. Not only you will be strengthened, but the effect will be passed down to your children and for many generations to come.

How does one get rid of these things you may ask?

Well, people have different ways. Personally, the Grace of Jesus has been one of the biggest ones for me. When I recognize that I am carrying burdens, I bring them to God in prayer, repent for carrying these burdens, forgive those who have caused me pain, renounce the effects of these burdens off of my life, take authority over a habit that I formed while carrying them and then receive what Jesus has instead of this burden for me. Counseling, meditation, spending time reflecting and letting go, reading self help books on the topic, talking to a trusted friend or a parent, asking someone to pray for you are also good ways to begin the process of unburdening yourself.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Matthew 11:28-29 AMP “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls”.

Whatever your walk of life is, whether you are believer or not, I pray this message brings you to freedom. These things must be talked about, brought to life, you are not alone in this. It is so important to be aware that we are all hit by these concrete showers from early childhood. The cleansing is possible and awareness is the first step. Desire to get rid of them is the next step. Repentance is the third, along with forgiveness (which is one of the most important ones!). I have been practicing forgiveness regularly, forgiving my husband, forgiving my kids, forgiving others who may have hurt my feelings or said something that did not settle well, forgiving my boss, the government, the guy who is driving way too slow and causing the traffic – you name it! There are lots of reasons to forgive DAILY and there is always freedom that comes after that! The fourth step is learning how to live without the burden, not falling into the comfort of old habits, taking authority over them. The final step is to receive – receive from God, from your renewed mind, from your friend, parent or a loved one. Receive love and Grace. Flip the burden ( anger = love, bitterness = happiness, grief = peace, sadness = joy, negative = positive… etc).

Set the burdens you carry in their right place, under your feet and walk into the freedom on a stronger than ever foundation of your life. We can all do better and if we put some effort into it, we will. If you need a prayer or have a testimony, I am always happy to pray for you, please send me an email: darialitvinov@hotmail.com.

Until next time! Blessings!

Published by DL

Believer in Jesus. I live in Seattle. Happily Married and enjoying Motherhood. People find me very open and easy to talk to and this page is a place for me to share my life with you. I believe that when we share our lives we are able to learn and support one another. I named this blog "speckle of faith" because most of the times it takes one small speckle to turn things around. I will be posting about my speckles (life revelations) and daily miracles that are present in my life. Thank you for joining me!

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