The walk.

Camelback Mountain, AZ

COVID-19 has turned lives upside down through our the entire planet. Not in a million years did I think that something like this can happen in our lifetime. When the first waves of this illness began to hit I was working at the hospital, seeing it first hand. My husband’s business began to slowly collapse (we own a school) and then public schools, churches, stores, parks got shut down – all was happening so quickly and felt like a bad dream. Right now we are in the middle of worldwide quarantine, something that is causing us all to walk by fear or by faith. As I was hiking in the mountains the other day I saw a staircase in between two rocks. It reminded me so much of what my life looks and feels like. It reminded me of what we are all walking out today.

Life is often about walking that stairway in between two rocks (two hard places). It is how we are going to walk and how we are going to overcome the hardships that determines the quality of our lives. The most important thing to remember is to adapt to the circumstances and keep living. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, we don’t know if tomorrow will even come but if we keep a positive outlook and eliminate defeat from our dictionary we will always end up as winners. Leaning on God during these times has filled my heart with unshakable peace and comfort, it has given me an ability to continue to move forward and live.

Don’t loose yourself in the midst of current circumstances. Concentrate on the goals you had before and pursue them with even more passion. Pour into your kids and your family like never before. Work on your relationships. These scary, hard, uncertain times help us to re-evaluate past decisions and mistakes. It is the perfect time to fix them. Apologize, connect, email, write letters, call those who you have lost contact with. Be thankful – use this time to slow down and reflect on those you can extend thanksgiving to. The teachers, hospital workers and first responders, grocery store workers who have been working round clock…and many others. Reach your goals – what is it that you have been desiring and did not have time for? Reading, napping, learning, healthy lifestyle, researching, deep cleaning, hobbies, de-cluttering – all those things you now have time for! Support your community any way you can. Just because we are social distancing does not mean we are no longer pouring into those around us. We are better when we help others, don’t let this trait go.

When all this ends we will all have a chance to look back at the way we walked it out. I think of this every day. I want to be proud of myself, I want to feel accomplished. I want to carry though with a positive outlook. I don’t want to have regrets. I want to grow and learn from it. I still want to make memories. I don’t want this time to be wasted. Life still goes on around us, look at the beautiful blossoms that are opening up on the trees, the circumstances are not affecting them.

I keep on thinking about kids – they are watching us through this. Now is the moment when we teach them how to persevere through hard circumstances, things that are out of our human control. We don’t know what they may encounter in their lifetime and we are responsible to set them up for success in their walk. Success when things are scary, difficult, out of control. This is when we pour the foundation of future generations.

I am praying daily for those affected by the virus and current World situation. I am confident that this will pass and we will return to the normalcy of life. If you need a prayer or support during these hard times, please reach out and email me at I will be happy to pray for you and your family. Stay home. Stay safe. Be blessed!

Published by DL

Believer in Jesus. I live in Seattle. Happily Married and enjoying Motherhood. People find me very open and easy to talk to and this page is a place for me to share my life with you. I believe that when we share our lives we are able to learn and support one another. I named this blog "speckle of faith" because most of the times it takes one small speckle to turn things around. I will be posting about my speckles (life revelations) and daily miracles that are present in my life. Thank you for joining me!

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